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The Winter Man


"I sound like a little girl, writing down what happened today." ~ Donald Draper

Is it cliché to quote Mad Men and wax philosophical, yet? I've found a nook of free time, and spent it catching up on season four. As always it leaves me wistful and aged, like the guilty party to some neglected household I don't have.

I don't have children in the literal sense, but (call me vain if you sense it yourself) I do have other parts of me that demand attention. There's an unfinished short just sitting on my hard drive, begging to be trimmed from a bloated and indulgent 10:05" to a modest and placated 5:00". A small pile of related projects I should be jumping into. My camera hasn't drawn a meaningful frame since I shattered my 50mm lens. Dammit, that lens. I could replace it with three clicks, if I wanted to. Have you noticed a correlation between convenience and apathy?

And then there's this place. You'd think a software dude's blog would be well kept, but there's that (grating) saying about the plumber and the pipes in his home. Well I'm not a fan of the idea that one's craft should be ignored just because he's not 'on the job', and my cortex hasn't frozen in place just yet. I guess Don was expressing himself on paper in an attempt to calm his psyche; seems like a good idea.

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Sup kids. Once again, it's been a while. I ignored this space so long, Tumblr changed their address scheme and broke everything. I'm workin on stuff, with an eye for responsive design this time around.

For now, have a beer. See you soon.

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